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“To Be A Mother truly highlights the healing presence of Christ in Deanna’s life. She eloquently travels from her painful past to her redemption and new life in Christ. This book is an inspiration to any woman, or man, who has suffered, as Deanna has, and is searching for healing”

Theresa Burke, PhD

Author of “Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken pain of Abortion” Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries

“The poignant and compassionate words of Deanna Falchook’s book To BE A MOTHER articulate America’s latent sorrow in the aftermath of tour abortion culture. Deanna’s sympathetic perception is borne from a personal encounter with grief. Listen to her and be illuminated, healed and refreshed.”

Troy Newman

President, Operation Rescue



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Deanna Falchook writes about Pro-Life, Adoption and Christian Topics. She is highly focused on fairy tales and their impact on politics, faith and culture. She is the author of a book called TO BE A MOTHER and the soon to be released book called THE CINDERELLA MINDSET. Deanna’s work has been featured in THE FEDERALIST, Charisma, Breitbart, 700Club, EWTN, Faithwire to name a few. Deanna is the mom of 7 children (5 internationally adopted) and lives near Disneyworld in Orlando. You can contact Deanna on FACEBOOK or twitter @deannafalchook.