“Where are we going? “ she asked.

 She miraculously floated (although she didn’t know how), through the middle of a bright light of love that surrounded her. In fact, it pulled her along. The light was so strong she could barely see. The force was like a wave that felt fast and fun. What she didn’t know was that she was being carried on the wings of an angelic army into the world.  Everything was white like snow, but she knew that it was good and that she too would live her entire life in a bubble of bright goodness. What she didn’t know was where she was going.

 It was not a place that liked the light.

 This princess illuminated the light. She spoke words that were bright. She sang songs that switched on the sun.  She was white, white as snow. 

 When the little illuminated princess started to move around the land where she was sent, she realized that there were times when she was the only princess surrounded by light. One time she was walking down the street in a parade of people who were marching to the beat of a drum that she didn’t like.  It was a rhythm of death. The princess knew the difference between chants and sounds of life and death marches.  Death marches emanate bright red and black bubbles that try to make their way into the ears and minds of people who aren’t enveloped in a pretty illuminated and heavenly bubble. The entire parade was filled with people who had no light around them. The princess watched as red and black bubbles soaked into the minds and ears of these people. Sometimes their eyes even caught the red bubbles. When they spoke it sounded like black tar that sometimes oozed up from the hot lava on volcanoes.  These people (soaking in the blood-like bubbles) marched to the beat of a drum that pounded a rhythm hypnotizing them into floating into a dark tunnel where there was no light and only death. 


 The princess was white, white as snow.  But the tunnel was red, red as blood. And the journey was black, black as death.

The princess who was white as snow, saw the tunnel ahead and tried to shine her light on the people to show them they didn’t have to travel in the dark. But they only followed the drum beats , while marching in a parade that carried them into a dark tunnel of death.  But every now and then someone would be touched by a bright sparkle or reflection from the princesses shine. They would then step out of the parade and stand at the side of the princess, asking if it was okay to bathe in the light of heaven that surrounded her.

 The princess who was white as snow would sing on the corner outside of the tunnel with her hands raised up high to honor her father, the King. The King planted words into the light that surrounded her. When she sang, the beams with words and light would sometimes shine on people who had previously been in the dark.  Those people would then join her in singing. The singing jolted them out of being hypnotized and following death. They then sang instead for the King and celebrated life for all, no matter how big or small.  The white light washed away the red blood like bubbles and the black that tried to make its way into their ears and minds.  These worshipers started to shine in white as well and grew more powerful with each note.

 The bright princess started to attract a choir of thousands of beautiful people who also stood and shone in bright white light.  Many started to carry sunbeams and heavenly rays around them.  They were singing songs from a beautiful place filled with light.  They were bringing heavenly songs into the dark world. And they were lifting up songs to the King of all Kings in Heaven. More and more people started celebrating life. The princess who was white as snow started to attract a large loud choir that started to drown out the dark drums of death by singing songs that spoke of life and love into the land.


 The people who marched to the beat of the death drum didn’t like the songs the princess was singing . The people who marched didn’t like the large choir that was congregating. The people who marched didn’t like that there were so many people starting to shine in white. And they didn’t like anyone who was soaking up sparkly rays. Or any worshipers who sang of the King’s goodness and the truth decreeing all life was to be celebrated.

 One day the princess heard the drums beating louder but she was confused because she saw an army of what used to be people marching in red and black standing in robes of white.  She didn’t know whether to be happy or afraid.  

The marching women in white still were marching to the drums of death that would carry the people into the death tunnel.  But the princess who was white as snow wasn’t fooled once they came close because their eyes were red and their hands were too. Still, they were trying to fool people into believing that they were marching for unity, equality and justice for all. They wanted to lure the shiny illuminated people back into the death tunnel. They pretended they were as holy and kind and bright as those who humbled themselves and praised the King.  No matter how much white they wore, they didn’t shine, they didn’t sparkle and they didn’t know how to sing in a way that would switch on the sun. The death drums were beating louder and the choir in white was singing louder too until the women impersonating the princess (who was white as snow and praised the King), stopped and shouted. They approached the princess and choir in anger as the red bubbles from their eyes dripped onto their white robes turning them bloody red.

 One woman turned to the princess who was illuminated and whiter than snow and said: “We are congregating here in front of you as representatives of this land to tell you that you are on trial.”  The princess was shocked and said confidently.


 “Why am I on trial?”

 They responded: “Because you dared to disagree.”

 “But I didn’t disagree,” said the princess. “I agreed with everything. I am a daughter of the  King. I just have decided that you are the wrong ones to agree with. Angels don’t agree with witches and impersonators. I am surrounded by angels sent from my King  (just then the angelic armies made themselves known and surrounded the princess and her choir of worshipers). I am not disagreeable. I am just guided with the light and wisdom of heaven.”

 The marchers continued into the death tunnel as the representatives of the land continued to accuse the princess of crimes of being disagreeable.  And her punishment would be – forced agreement, followed by a death march into the tunnel. But the princess would in no way march to the beat of that drum.   She knew better. Because although most people could be hypnotized into allowing the red bubbles and black smoke find its way into their minds, the princess was safe.  She was illuminated. She was white, whiter than snow and when she sang she switched on the sun (and there was a huge angelic army that surrounded her).

 The princess was safe because she always listened to the truth and kept her eyes on the words and songs the King had sung. Once again she said, “I am not disagreeable. I am a princess sent to this land to bring light and bring those in the darkness into the light. You have been leading and marching people into a tunnel of death. You have disregarded the sanctity of the lives of the people. You have lied to them. You have poured poison into their minds.  I am not agreeing with that.  But I am not disagreeable. I agree with everything the King of Kings (the one who gave me life) has told me.” 

 “So, I will sing louder. “

 As she sang louder, the representatives in their totally dripping blood-like red stained robes, unable to impersonate or reflect the light (even in the once white robes) melted into the tunnel as the army of drum beaters continued to beat the drum.


 What they didn’t know what that this land was about to be invaded by more princesses miraculously floating through the middle of a bright light of love that surrounded them. As they moved into their destinies to make decision and choices to be disagreeable to the drum beats of death and agreeable to the King, the land was changed.  In time the choir of princesses and angels grew and a new parade was formed.  This parade was a celebration of life. This parade was a parade filled with angelic armies and bright illuminated princesses.  The tunnel turned into a tunnel of life that gave birth to new leaders, soldiers, artists, representatives, scientists, philosophers and many people who were agreeable to the King. The bright light was a force, like a wave that felt fast and fun. The heavenly light carried future princesses into the land so that the songs praising the King would always drown out the sounds of any parade that dared to pound out drumbeats of death.


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