By Deanna Falchook

“Off with their heads! Off with their heads..”

…shouted the Evil Queen, minions and ogres, standing guard waiting to poison and chop off the heads of Alice and the other babies traveling through the canal into Wonderland.   Alice had been growing for the past 280 days in a safe place and was ready to push through the tunnel at the end of the canal into her purpose and destiny. But it would take a miracle for her to make it.  The Evil Queen, her minions and ogres stood by with poisonous scalding syringes and giant stabbing scissors intending to to make sure the children didn’t find their way into the land that needed them.

Wonderland had been a land of promise and a land that was secure. But the Evil Queen had created a plan to brain-wash the good people of the land into thinking it was a good idea to kill the pre-destined ones who were assigned to enter the land to bring new inventions, cures, justice and hope with the genius they carried. The Evil Queen, her minions and the ogres wanted to dominate without reason and were in some places even able to form laws that would allow those hypnotized by the lure and power of the Evil Queen to kill the children sent to transform the world for the better.

 “Off with their heads! Off with their heads!”

People started shouting and claiming that the children, if not perfectly planned, formed or wanted by someone, should be thrown into the pit along with the sewage.  Some even were able to rationalize this by claiming that the innocent babies coming into Wonderland would bring pain and suffering to those who would be assigned to nurture them. 


But Alice had a destiny and the other babies traveling with her could only stay in the canal for so long. They were growing too large and they could see the tunnel and felt the force of nature pushing them through. 

Alice and the babies had been sent by the ‘King of Kings,’ who had assigned legions of angels to escort them through the dangerous canal. But sometimes the future parliament leaders, peace-makers, inventors and scientists didn’t make it. They were burned with poison by the Evil Queen, her minions and ogres, or they were cut apart in the tunnel and thrown into pieces, into the garbage pits.  Some people even cheered as new laws were passed by evil governors allowing the innocent to be ripped apart or scalded.  Some cities even celebrated by turning their ivory towers pink to honor the Evil Queen, minions and ogres.  Wonderland started suffering from the lack of justice, innovation and art that had accompanied these babies. The King of Kings sent them with the intention to live and grow into their destinies while making Wonderland even more wonderful.

 Alice however shouted out, prayed to and commanded her Angels to battle for her life. The Angels were victorious and stood guard by the tunnel calling Alice out into safety. They stood ready to welcome Alice into the land along with the other babies. The good people of Wonderland needed each and every one of them.  But more were lost than welcomed!  The land grew dark and less wonderful as the people grieved the poisoned and discarded ones.

 Alice grew and the Evil Queen tried her best to make Alice forget the truth that the children entering through the canal were destined for greatness. The Evil Queen sent out crows that lied and letters that lured to young girls convincing them that ‘girl power’ meant poisoning and scissoring rather than encouraging, nurturing, birthing and raising up.  Alice looked into looking glasses and time and time again watched games, movies and performances that were designed to be all sparkly but carried a death message to encourage all to believe that the babies were evil and the Evil Queen and her agenda were great. But Alice was too smart and the Angels that accompanied her were louder and more powerful than the Evil Queen. 

 In time, Alice grew and the good people that made it through the canal, kept their eyes on the King of Kings and were victorious.  There was too much blood in the land.  And there was too much proof of the harm and destruction in the land, through losing the contribution of the discarded, poisoned and decapitated ones. Eventually, as the peacemakers, merciful ones, artists, leaders, musicians were able to make it through the canal and grow up to fulfill their destiny, Wonderland grew wonderful again. And the Evil Queen and her influence with the minions and ogres died.  Instead, new laws formed making it a crime to poison or rip apart a perfectly great scientist, inventor or dancer sent by the King of Kings to beautify the world of Wonderland.



In the end, the people looked back at this evil time, sharing stories to their children and grandchildren who couldn’t even believe that poisoning, scissoring, ripping apart and discarding greatness was ever allowed to happen in a land that called itself Wonderland.

 As the Angels and good people, shouted in celebration of life, and as the King’s law was allowed to be the eternal law of the land, Wonderland became more wonderful, powerful, peaceful, happy and miraculous as the land was filled with the wonderful sounds of destinies being fulfilled….


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Deanna Falchook writes about Pro-Life, Adoption and Christian Topics. She is highly focused on fairy tales and their impact on politics, faith and culture. She is the author of a book called TO BE A MOTHER and the soon to be released book called THE CINDERELLA MINDSET. Deanna’s work has been featured in THE FEDERALIST, Charisma, Breitbart, 700Club, EWTN, Faithwire to name a few. Deanna is the mom of 7 children (5 internationally adopted) and lives near Disneyworld in Orlando. You can contact Deanna on FACEBOOK or twitter @deannafalchook.