by Deanna Falchook


I am alive in the cinders,


I am alive and beautiful,


I am alive and beautiful with the dustiness of my feet,


I am beautiful as my hair is made gray from the ash that floats in the air,


I am alive even as I poke at the dying flames,


I am alive even as I pump air to bring life to a dying fire,


I am alive even as I watch the kettle burning,


I am alive even as I starve,


I am beautiful even as I am singed,


I am beautiful, alive and destined because I am the bride,


My true love is searching,


My true love will find me,


My true love will hold me.


My love will celebrate and dance with the one in the cinders,

with the singed skin, dusty feet and hair,


The King will see,


The King will smile,


Knowing that every blister on my feet was built on faith knowing that He is good,


The King will not overlook the girl in the cinders or the singed and scarred servant girls,


He will find his daughter,

His princess,


He will find his daughter,


The one who will carry his legacy


 and bring life to His Kingdom,


I am destined,


I am beautiful,


I am very much alive,




In the cinders….

©deanna falchook/falchook productions 2018