God who created it all!

by Deanna Falchook

I praise you

I have a voice to sing,

I have a voice powerful enough to move mountains,

I praise you for the brilliance of the light and the warmth of the great and fiery sun,

God who created it all,

I praise you,

I have hands to tend to the garden,

I have the power that my King has given me to bring dead things to life,


I reach inside with healing hands to revive the garden even if it falls asleep,

I water it with the rain of the Life,

I feed it with the Truth of what it will become,

The flowers once seeds now bloom as I speak out your name in gratitude,

God who created it all,

You formed me to be a leader and a powerhouse in this world,

There is a kingdom for me,

There is a crown bejeweled with the finest of gems,

What was once buried inside of the dust from this garden will sparkle as bright as the stars,

God who created it all,

I will lead the kingdom you have gifted me,

The people will come to know love, peace and joy as we shout out in praise and glory the magnificence of who you are,

I have a voice that sings and can turn sadness into joy and darkness into light,

I have a voice,

I am who you have created and beautiful in your eyes


God who created it all,

I will live with a fullness of faith even in the face of struggles,

I will eradicate doubt and replace it with hope and undeniable confidence in knowing you are always good,

God who created it all,

I praise you,

I will love your children,

Nurture your creation from the smallest birds and animals to the wildest stallions and untamed tribes,

I will radiate goodness,

I am destined to be powerful because the Holy Spirit is with me,

The sun shines bright on me in this garden,

We watch as goodness flourishes and grows in this world,

I am your child,

I am royal,

I am noble,

I am a shining star in a dark sky,

I will burn bright even in darkness,

Leading kingdoms and territories into victory and claiming justice for all,

I will break down walls with my willful voice even when I’ve been told they are impenetrable,

I will conquer armies in your name and rush into my purposes demanding them for your sake,

I will rise from pain,

I will rise from the ashes,

I will step into my destiny and wear the shoes that God has created for me leading the nations following only one KING….my Father…my Creator….my God..

I have a voice,

I will use it,

I will praise you and watch as the abundant blessings flow like powerful waterfalls,

I am able to endure the powerful force as it washes over me,

I stand with feet firmly planted in my royal purposes aligned with all that you have created me to be….

I praise you….I praise you…I praise you…

You are a Good King and I will always be grateful for your loving kindness in my life.

Because you..

Created it all.


 ©deannafalchook/Falchookproductions 2018