by Deanna Falchook

You are there in your corner,

It’s dark and scary,

You have been called names,

You have been misunderstood,

But you are so beautiful,

The King sees your imperfections,

The King knows the genius in you,

He sees what is unknown to the world,

You in all of your scars, scratches, disabilities,

Are beautiful,

You are priceless,

Every so-called thing that is wrong with you is right with Him,

The King smiles as others scowl,

The King delights in you while others are disgusted,

The King cheers you on while the world defames you,

You in all of the darkness that you have wandered into,

Are there because the darkness needed your light,

Your brilliance is often covered and unknown to those who blindly stand,

Facing away from the most vibrant gift they could ever receive,

If they would just turn to you,

If they would just turn their eyes to look,

At what the King adores,

You even in your dark corner,

Being a light, being a beacon and a guide,

To show others the way to a clearing where they will be forced to kneel,

Realizing that the King has given you to them as a gift,

The King has wrapped you in all of your perfect imperfection

As the present in the dark corner,

As others keep holding onto hope in

Perfect but empty faces,

You in your dark corner hold the answer,

the key

The battering ram to break open the door that when opened

Reveals the sun

and sets the despisers of misfits running,

into a gloriously bright place called heaven

where you are never despised but called royal,

crowned with the glory of the King,

who smilesand is pleased With all that you are..

©deannafalchook/falchook productions 2018