by Deanna Falchook

There’s a journey I must take,

I know the road is long,

I know the climb is steep,

I will fall,

I will scrape my knees and blister my feet along the way,

I will have to find shelter when the lightning strikes,

I believe that God will guide me and hear my prayers,

But I must take the journey,

Oh if I could just get to the top of the mountain by standing still here,

It would be easier and I would remain unscathed,

But I must battle the elements and I must fight through my fear,

Keeping my eye on the top of the mountain,

Where I’ll be home,

There’s a journey I have to take,

It’s the journey that all the royal ones take in order to claim their destined position,

I wish I could close my eyes to get there,

I wish I could avoid the struggle of climbing,

But without the journey and without the battle,

I remain here in this place without a throne,

I remain the same without the crown,

My crown is earned from this rocky journey up the mountain,

To arrive at the castle and embrace my love,

That’s when we will know,

The journey to open the castle door was worth the climb,

As I look up to see,

The approving face of my King,

He is pleased,

He is confident that I am ready,

Qualified to hold the position,

And live the life that he has written for me,

In the book of books,

Where my name is written next to all the royal ones who have taken the journey,

To battle the elements and bow to the King,

Who is pleased to receive,


freeing me.

granting me my liberty,

claiming me,

as His…

©deannafalchook/falchook productions 2018

Deanna Falchook