Hey Miley "Who if F***ing With Your Freedom?"

Miley is F***ing With Our Freedom

If you have seen or heard Miley Cyrus’ recent She is Coming EP and her partnership with Planned Parenthood’s “Don’t Fck With Us, Don’t Fck Without Us” campaign you would understand why the tone of this post is so strong. For those of us who have been following Miley since Hannah Montana, we are now observing the spiritual devolution of a woman who had the freedom to be and do anything she wanted to be but is now shouting “hallelujah, I’m a witch!” She has sold her soul to partner with an organization that postures itself as pro-woman while promoting abortion on demand without exception (including after birth). For those of us who have been profoundly and negatively impacted by abortion, her stance is disappointing. Her recent video Mother Daughter aka “Don’t F*** with My Freedom was strategically released just 2 days before America’s Independence Day obviously to make a statement. So, I’m making my own:

Hey Miley,

 It's so interesting how you released your feminist mantra "Mother-Daughter" (aka Don't F*** with My Freedom) video anthem, just 2 days before the 4th of July.  Traditionally, Martina McBride's 'Independence Day' and Lee Greenwood's ‘Proud to Be an American’ are the preferred anthems amplified in backyard BBQs from the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee as we celebrate  - FREEDOM.  Still, many of us are very confused.

 Who is f***ing with your freedom?

 For the record, you've made it clear from your lyrics that you are not referring to the enemies abroad but more of an enemy in America that is possibly messing with your sexual freedom as you slither into the earth like a 'Nile crocodile' or flesh-eating fish with vinyl and metal vagina teeth sewn into your pantsuit.

 According to Google, your net worth is about $360 million. You are married to a really hot super-hero millionaire actor. You live in Malibu in ONE of your gorgeous homes. 

 Who is f***ing with your freedom?

 You have the freedom to do almost anything you want. I mean if on a whim you wanted to get a chocolate crepe at midnight, you could fly to Paris. If you had a concert in Ohio but craved Ray's NYC Pizza, I bet you could charter a plane to get a dozen pepperoni pies.  Heck, if that didn't suit you, you could go to Rome and eat Pizza while overlooking the Borghese Gardens.  If you wanted to wear a different pair of expensive monogrammed underwear/thongs everyday for the rest of your life, you could.

 What has happened to you since the innocent days of ‘Party in the USA’ where you sweetly sang about butterflies flying away?  When we watch you from afar, we see a woman who has the creative freedom to straddle and swing on wrecking balls (on nationally televised awards ceremonies) and eat as much Planned Parenthood ‘Abortion is Healthcare’ cake as she wants.  But there still seems to be something missing from your plate.

 Maybe you are singing "Don't F**k with My Freedom!" really as an ode to those of us who you perceive to be without privilege.  Maybe you are thinking you are courageously singing for women like myself who don't have the budget to pay tech crews to film up our crotches or blow up nippy balloons for our videos.  If you are concerned about our freedom, please don't be. 

 We are living during a time in America where women have unlimited potential and freedom. The unemployment rate for women is the lowest it has been since 1953. As a woman in America, I'm free to do almost anything, including choosing to kill another human being (after birthing it onto the table).

 Even Brett Kavanaugh, the man who had his own wrecking ball experience during the nomination process to the Supreme Court, has been praised by liberal Justice Ruth Ginsburg, for employing an entirely female staff.

 "There is a very important first on the Supreme Court this term, and it's thanks to our new justice, Justice Kavanaugh," said Ginsburg

 Yes, female oppression exists in many third world countries but this is an excellent time to be a woman in America. I am at liberty to be anything I want to be – even a man. If I wanted to grow armpit and facial hair, I could. Heck, I could identify as a cucumber if I wanted to. 

 So, who are you singing to when you belt out, "Don't f**k with my freedom?" Your lyrics shout out, "Hallelujah, I'm a witch!... Hallelujah, I'm a freak… I'm nasty, evil… a piranha.' Does identifying as an evil, nasty, piranha, witch make you feel free?

 I'm going to make an educated guess (sarcastic tone inserted …duh). Is it at all possible that your anthem is actually in support of Planned Parenthood (your favorite cause) who is losing its sh**? I mean Planned Parenthood has a cute little protest slogan "Don't Fck With Us, Don't Fck Without Us." Your partnership with Marc Jacobs to sell $175 sweaters to raise money for Planned Parenthood combined with your licking the abortion cake makes it way too clear that you think women in America are f***ed by recent legislation in many states restricting abortions. I bet you are singing this song to the legislators in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri. Maybe you are really concerned that our elected officials are threatening to defund Planned Parenthood who last year reported revenue of $1.66 billion. Perhaps you are worried that Roe v Wade may be overturned? So when you say "don't f*** with my freedom," you actually are saying “don't f*** with Planned Parenthood and the freedom to have an abortion on demand!"

 If anyone has had their freedom f***ed with it's the victims of Planned Parenthood.  Over 60 million American babies have been killed and had their freedom to live and breathe f***d with via abortion.  Almost, 500 women have died via abortion. Ask Tyler (Cree Erwin’s brother ), who he thinks f***ed with his sister’s freedom. Cree died from a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood , July 4, 2016. As your song is amplified on the 4th of July (the 3rd anniversary of Cree’s death from massive bleeding), the Erwin family continues to grieve the loss of their sister, daughter, friend. Thousands of men and women suffer from post-abortion regret (present company included).  Abortion isn't freedom.

But Miley, your freedom isn’t being f***ed with. You are living a free life in a democracy as a famous and rich capitalist.  If your liberty were a problem, you wouldn't be selling your sweaters, promoting your recent "SHE IS COMING" EP successfully or making plans for releasing your next singles "Virginity is a Social Construct," and  "Unholy!"

Miley, you are benefitting by living in a free capitalist society where you have the luxury of spending your days figuring out what rhymes with "piranha."

The thing is there are armies of men and women, willing to die so you can produce a video while thrusting around in your blood red latex pantsuit shouting "don't f** with my freedom," even as you flippantly decide to release the video near the 4th of July.  You have the freedom to wave your nippy balloons together all you want in protest side by side with patriots waving their American flags because you are living in a country where you are FREE. Your freedom ISN'T being f***ed with.

 If you are not feeling the freedom that is available or fully receiving it, maybe it is because your position as a self-proclaimed nasty witch in Hollywood will never fill the void inside of you. Your freedom will only come from being responsible enough to respect the holy and sacred truth of how your personal privilege happened to be.   You have the freedom to literally broadcast to the masses "TOUGH TI^^IES," because women and men who are parading in red white and blue on the 4th of July (some without legs) dared to stand and fight for your voice to be heard.  Many have taken bullets to protect the rights of self-proclaimed nasty witches who complain about oppression even in their entitlement. You have the luxury of cowering behind your entourage in an air-conditioned sound studio making videos that poke the bear, pollute the minds of children, and indoctrinate women to the lies of abortion because soldiers buckle up to risk their lives in the frontlines of battle in hot tanks – for your freedom.

 "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." George Bernard Shaw, Man, and Superman.

Freedom will never come by perpetuating lies to the masses. You will never feel fully free until you abide, walk, sing and dance in the truth.

John 8:30-32 As Jesus spoke these things, many believed in Him. So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.”

The truth is that God says CHOOSE LIFE. Until you align with scriptures of TRUTH over slogans of LIES and death, you will never experience freedom.

 The sad thing is that it doesn't matter how much abortion cake you eat, you clearly are not feeling full, satisfied, or free. Hollywood can make you millions, but if you aren't feeling true freedom, maybe it's because oppression often comes from false doctrines that are lived out by misguided people using their power destructively. You feel f***ed because you are bound, limited, tied-up, enslaved by a career choice aligning you with people and organizations that own you (that is majorly f***ed up).

 As we sit back pondering the question, "Who is f***ing with Miley Cyrus' freedom?" commence with your shenanigans to freely swing from the ceiling with your bloody fingernails. While you are it, eat your abortion cake and serve it up as a deadly lie to your fans. Too many good soldiers have died for your right to express yourself. I guess your response to those of us who disagree with your lyrics, lies, frosted cake tongue, philosophy, and approach would only be met with a loud 'F*** YOU' ( or 'tough ti^^ies'), anyhow.

From a once devoted Hannah Montana fan,

Deanna Falchook

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